Missions we support

Listed below is a glimpse at some of the missionaries that we support around the globe. 

Contact us for more information on their ministries or to give towards their work.

Alison & Nicolas Farelly

Serving in: Paris, France

Nicolas & Alison are leading the Protestant Cultural Forum, a ministry that seeks to encourage Christians to engage culture meaningfully and to show non-Christians that Christianity has a pertinent message for all areas of life. To these ends, they organize lectures and conferences on different cultural topics, movie discussions, and other small group events. Moreover, the Forum is involved with Horizons Evangéliques, a magazine founded in 2008 (www.horizons-evangeliques.fr). For more information on this ministry, visit www.forumculturelprotestant.com.

In addition to this ministry, Nicolas teaches several New Testament courses in the Aix-en-Provence Reformed seminary (www.fltr.net) and in a Paris area Bible Institute (www.ibnogent.org). He is frequently called upon to preach in various churches around France.

Alison and Nicolas live 45 minutes north of Paris. They have three children: William (2003), Elliot (2006),
and Aimée (2008).

Steve & Irene Laug

Serving in: Vancouver, BC

Steve and Irene Laug serve the Lord in Vancouver, Canada with a heart for young women between the ages of 16 and 29, who have been or are at risk of becoming, sexually exploited and/or trafficked. The SA Foundation is one of few organizations internationally that offers a comprehensive and uniquely designed long-term recovery program for these young women, including those that are pregnant and/or have children. The SA Foundation is also a Christian organization that delivers programs that are based on the principles of servanthood, personal recovery and community. Their long term objective is that no person be enslaved by, or trapped in the sex trade. Learn more about their ministry by going to www.safoundation.com

The Maxfields

Serving in: Yakama Indian Reservation, Washington

Sacred Road Ministries is located in eastern Washington on the Yakama Indian Reservation. The goal of Sacred Road Ministries is to share the love and hope of Christ with the Yakama Native Americans.

Sacred Road reaches out to the community through various ministries:

  • Hope Fellowship – a missional PCA church at Sacred Road
  • Kingdom Kids after-school tutoring program (1st – 6th grade)
  • Youth After School Tutoring Program (7th-9th grade)
  • Children's ministry including Kid’s Clubs which reaches over 150 children
  • Youth group and Young Life ministry
  • Swan Graphics - a screen printing vocational program for native youth
  • A variety of acts of service and mercy such as delivering firewood and providing food boxes
  • Summer mission trips
  • Christmas shoeboxes and Christmas adopt a family

Darren, Susie, Emily & Rachel Maxfield are on staff at Sacred Road Ministries. Darren oversees economic development as well as organizational and financial areas of the ministry. Recently, Darren & Susie started Swan Graphics which is a vocational screenprinting business for the native youth to learn how to run a business. www.swangraphicsbysrm.com

We are so grateful to Wiser Lake’s faithful prayers and support of Sacred Road Ministries. Please visit our website at sacredroadministries.com.

Al & Julie Meyer

Serving in: Brussels, Belgium

Al and Julie have been serving in Belgium for 38 years and sincerely hope to continue for many more. From the OM part of their lives: I (Al) wear several "hats". Facility manager for the building which houses the hospitality and training Center and the OM Belgium offices. Along with that goes the maintenance and construction or development of the facility. Plus, the Operations Manager of the yearly new recruits conference which takes place in Holland. Julie is the team bookkeeper which keeps her busy 2 - 3 days a week".

From the church part of thier lives: Our family has been part of the church since its founding 28 years ago. We have been primarily behind the scenes. Julie has been responsible for the nursery and the kitchen for years, where ever there is work to be done, you will find one of us. I have been part of the leadership also since the beginning. I plan to step down from eldership in the new year as it is time for the next generation to step up. Two of our daughters and their families have had a part in that and are active in church life and leadership".

The website for Zavcentre is www.zavcentre.be

Jim & Breanna Randall

Serving in: Yangon, Myanmar

The Randalls partner with local believers to develop Biblical resources for use within the church, and for evangelism to the many diverse people groups within Myanmar. Their latest big project has been producing
The Jesus Storybook Bible in the Burmese language. They are passionate about seeing the news of Jesus made accessible to all people, across racial, political, and socioeconomic divides. To that end, they live and raise our children in the midst of a diverse local community, sharing their lives and their hope with their neighbors at
every opportunity. 

You can follow along with their journey at their blog. (burmachronicle.com/theblog/#blog). Or follow their life in photos via Breanna’s instagram account (instagram.com/br_randall/).

Brian & Bette Vander Haak

Serving in: Taipei, Taiwan

Brian and Bette Vander Haak serve in Taipei at Morrison Academy, a missionary school with a long history and three campuses in Taiwan. They previously served at Christian Academy in Japan for 12 years. Bette teaches art and middle school geography, and Brian teaches middle and high school English and is also a Learning Coach for staff. Morrison serves the missionary community throughout Taiwan. You can learn more about Morrison Academy here: taipei.mca.org.tw